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Do you watch television programs on your computer?

Well, lots of people do more and more people are upgrading their Internet connection to broadband as streaming video on the Internet has taken hold as the newest major medium for audio/video distribution.

Faith & Values Media has responded to this trend — as well as to the need to provide a distribution system for its faith group members’ programming — by creating FaithStreams.

A year and a half in development, FaithStreams is now a reality. It is part of a newly created Web site that replaces The Web site as a whole is richly dynamic, with plenty of text-based material to provide resources for individuals and congregations.

But the centerpiece is the streaming video service. There is a new six-hour block of programming each day — repeated three times — so that the “live stream” is 24/7. Later, these programs are available to be seen at your convenience in a Video-on-Demand (VOD) mode.

The video library has well over 600 titles in it and more are being added daily. Thirty different faith groups have provided titles to this service.

You can visit the site and sample the live stream, but if you register (it’s free!) the image will be sharper and larger. Registration also gives you the opportunity to sign up to receive notices of when programs you are interested in will be playing and to sample the VOD service for a 30-day free trial.

The significance of FaithStreams is in the presence of Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, and Jewish programs that are available in the environment of a World Wide Web, where (research shows) a large percentage of users are searching for information on faith, spirituality, religious practices and beliefs.

The Internet has become our contemporary marketplace and community — and the role of people of faith in helping to form communities on the Web has never been more important. We are proud that Faith & Values Media can play a small part in that formulation. 

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