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View Mass from St. Ann’s Media Our monthly TV Mass became a weekly TV program and over 30 years has remained the only regular, local Catholic TV presentation in Scranton, PA. On January 26, 1987 Catholic Television (CTV) of the Diocese of Scranton made its debut as a 24-hour cable TV channel. Today, it is the first and only Catholic Diocesan Communications Office in the United States to operate two low-powered television stations. CTV reaches approximately 170,000 households in more than 75 regional communities. The weekly TV Mass is broadcast on CTV, PAX-TV and also on Fox-38. Fox-38, with over 400,000 cable subscribers, transmits its broadcasts to over 690,000 homes (1.7 million people) in northeastern and central Pennsylvania. If you experience an error, you must download and install Windows Media player to view the Mass on your computer.

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