Fil Am School Program

Fil Am School Program PAARALANG PINOY Paaralang Pinoy is an educational and cultural enrichment program designed for Filipino American children ages 4-16. Paaralang Pinoy has developed hands-on activities that will give your children fun-filled ways to learn Tagalog, and to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for Philippine history, culture, traditions and values. Why Enroll Your Child in Paaralang Pinoy? **It serves as a wonderful conversation opener between parents and children. Opportunities to engage your child abound as he or she learns about the Philippines and its culture. Research has pointed out that communication is key to maintaining an ideal parent/child relationship, especially children who come from bicultural backgrounds. **It provides your child a peer group and a social network of people that share his common background, interest, way of thinking and way of life. **It will help your child develop a strong sense of self as he or she learns about Filipino Americans who help make the United States the No. 1 country in the world. **It will help your child better understand the sometimes conflicting standards of being raised in a Filipino home and being an American in the mainstream. **Paaralang Pinoy will make your child prouder of you. Our Teaching Staff is composed of teachers and parent volunteers who share a passion for enabling Filipino-American children develop pride in who they are and their parents¡¦ Filipino heritage. Paaralang Pinoy will begin in the Fall of 2007. Location to be announce. Enrollment is limited and will be on a first come, first serve basis. There will be an Open House to be announce at a later date. Please visit our website to view updated information. For more detailed information, please contact: Odette Martinez Р571 217 8183 Riza Saleh Р703-568-2462 Avic Macaranas 703-365-2545 Ed Tiong 703-403-5624 You may also send us an email: Check-out our website:

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