Friends of Pedro Foundation

Hello and welcome to our website! I am Fr. Carmelo O. Diola, spiritual director of Friends of Pedro Foundation, Inc. Our website – (formerly is nine months in the making. It is a labor of love from all of us here at Pundok – Cebu and from all our collaborators around the world linked to us through the information highway. The group’s mission is “to evangelize the modern world: in the footsteps of and in support for Beato Pedro Calungsod.” Dodong Pedro (as we fondly refer to this martyr in Cebu) was a young man, a Bisayang Dako (and a Filipino, of course), an OFW, a catechist, and a missionary. His short, but meaningful, life has something to say to us, contemporary Filipinos. Our motto, therefore, is “to tell the world of God’s love with Beato Pedro” As the ancient network of Roman highways facilitated the missionary work of a St. Paul, so the information highway offers today’s Christians opportunities and challenges to reach out to the whole world. Through this website, we are engaged in an “e-apostolate” while we call ourselves “e-missionaries.” This is our concrete contribution to the hopes expressed during the “First National Mission Congress of the Philippines” held in Cebu from September 27 to October 1, year 2000. e-Presence