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Before you turn to the news, before you turn to the weather, before you check the traffic report, focus on the things that will really make a difference in your day — your values, your faith, your personal journey.  New Morning illuminates the tangible reality of God’s presence in our lives in both small and great ways.

Join host Timberly Whitfield for a half hour filled with inspiration from the great faith traditions and from the lives of ordinary men and women who are doing extraordinary things.

We rely on you to share with us the stories of spiritual inspiration and nurture that have meaning for yourself and your family, and we’d love for you to share your story with us!

Please go to our website (link below), click on Send Us Stories and use the Story Submission Form.

Meanwhile, begin your day feeling spiritually centered, uplifted, and in touch with God by catching stories from the following areas of enrichment:

Waking Up
Some people have a philosophy about this — we want to hear from those people-memorable characters who have a philosophy about how they start the day off spiritually aware

Spiritual Journeys
A profile of a person whose life has led them on a journey of unexpected changes, each change enriching and even challenging their faith; bringing a deeper sense of purpose. Everyone experiences growth and changes in their beliefs through their lifetime … some more than others.   In this segment, one person tells us something meaningful about his or her personal spiritual journey, an experience of an important period of transition, conversion or discovery and how they arrived at the faith they now practice?

The Sacred in the Ordinary
Stories and perspectives about recognizing the sacredness of everyday life and God’s presence in the most ordinary of activities

Nurturing the Spirit
How do people practice their faith?  What helps daily to center them, ground them, help them cope? Some practices may be rituals in the traditional religious sense (reading scriptures, meditation, chanting, saying the rosary). Some may be personal inventions, some a meaningful synthesis of traditions. Each of these segments tells a story about one individual discovering their personal way of nurturing their spirituality

Common Ground
Profiles of ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things to build, heal, or reconcile relationships, communities, or society.  The stories are reflective, rather than reportorial, in tone

Nature’s Daybook
A day in the life of a person who lives and works out in nature.  Their day-to-day interaction with the natural world helps us see Creation with new eyes, the way a naturalist sees it … the hidden connections and invisible relationships of the natural world. This segment helps us see the invisible and evokes a sense of wonder.

Journal of My Journey
Daily entries in one person’s video journal.  We’ve put a digital video camera into the hands of thoughtful people who share their experience as they move through one of life’s passages.

Interfaith Friendships
Profiles of friendships that have grown in spite of, or perhaps because of, differences in belief and in the way each practice their faith.


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