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How to Give Life

by Brandon Jubar

Life isn’t just about being alive. It’s about living — dreaming dreams, setting goals, and doing what’s right. It’s about who we are and who we might become. Take that away from someone, and you may have broken the Fifth Commandment!

The Bible commands, “You shall not kill.” That seems like a fairly easy commandment to keep — if murder is all that it covers. The unjust taking of an innocent life is pretty clear, and most of us will never come close to doing it. But what if “killing” is more than that?
Killing the Spirit

When we do things to hurt others emotionally, we are violating the Fifth Commandment because we are killing their spirit. It’s impossible to separate our bodies and souls in order to treat them differently.

So, when we kill the soul of another, we may as well be taking their life. In fact, losing one's soul is even worse than bodily death. People who commit suicide have often had their spirits crushed to the point where death seems to them like a better alternative than living.
Giving Life

We have the power to hurt people, but we also have the power to help them heal. Instead of killing the spirits of people we know, why not take steps to give them life?

Step 1: Stop tearing people down. Almost all of us hurt others, even though we think it is all in fun. Being the butt of a friend’s joke can still hurt.

Step 2: Build people up. Instead of making a wisecrack, give a compliment. It feels good to know that someone appreciates you and the things you do.

Step 3: Don’t stop with yourself. When you see people hurting the spirit of another, stop them. It may be uncomfortable to confront at first, but it’s important to step up when we know a wrong is being committed.

It’s a simple three-step process, but it just may make all the difference in the world to someone. Imagine how much fun life would be if people stopped killing each others’ spirits and started taking steps to give life instead!

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