A Successful Women’s Prayer Breakfast!

File0001The first Fil-Ministry of NOVA Women’s Breakfast got off to a good start. Our sharer was Joy Maloles who inspired us with her personal journey of faith that took her from Manila where she was Executive Vice President of the No.1 Advertising Agency there at that time, then to Singapore where she took a job as regional director for a marketing outfit, and finally to San Francisco, CA, where she is now in the mortgage and finance business. The attendance at the breakfast was small: Luz Tatlonghari, Virgie Picardo, Nellie Payos, Maricris Javier, Joy Maloles, and Nory Ces. The small number of course facilitated a truly informal, intimate and at times intense sharing of personal experiences. Joy summarized the theme for the morning with the question, “Are you a woman that God can use?” The six of us look forward to having a regular once monthly women’s breakfast. Two attendees, Maricris Javier and Nellie Payos, have volunteered to assist in coordinating, scheduling and publicizing the subsequent breakfasts. Tentatively, we hope to have another one in January 2003 and work from there on a more regular schedule.

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