April 11,Music Workshop w/ Fr. Manoling

apr11aI’d like to convey my personal thanks to you for sharing your music, time and presence with us last weekend at St. Anthony’s and St. Philips in N. Virginia. (and to Ed for organizing everything). As a fan, you could just imagine how I look up to you and I was beside myself with joy and still couldn’t believe until now that i had actually sat there and listened ‘live’ to both Fr. Manoling and Jandi’s music, as they played from their hearts; singing with them and just feeling their passion for the God’s love through music just moved me beyond words. It was a soul-enriching experience I will long cherish As my God is a God of suprises, it was Fr. Charlie who surprised me- thank you for your advice. I remember that it was the Himig Heswita tapes, Lauds and Vespers that kept my sanity while i was adjusting to life in the US, living alone in New York, away from my husband and kids, with an uncertain future; just hanging by every word and melody that assured me of God’s love and presence every morning and nighttime. The songs were my prayers while going to work and my prayers before I retired at night. Even now, people ask me how I can handle the traffic in DC- they don’t know that I have your tapes to listen to.. every minute spent in the car and singing was not wasted, it was spent ‘praying twice’ instead (wasn’t that what St. Augustine said?), so I really don’t mind the traffic. I get to the office, maybe late but not tired, refreshed with the songs lingering in my mind throughout the day, helping me remain relaxed and calm in a very tension-filled environment. You may not know now the impact of what you’re doing, but you’re doing a mighty good work and I don’t want you to reach heaven to feel how you have made so many people happy, how you have redeemed lives by your gift, how you have manifested God himself by your music. You may not realize it, but everyone who hears your music automatically prays for you, too. You are in my prayers and my heartfelt wish is for you to claim your hearts’ desires. Salamat sa Diyos for people like you. Best regards, Marissa

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