Focolare Movement

“This Movement, which promotes the ideals of unity and universal brotherhood, was born in the midst of the hatred and violence of the Second World War. In Trent, in 1943, Chiara Lubich, together with her first companions, re-discovered the Gospel. They began to put it into practice in their daily lives, focussing on the poorest areas in their city. Their life as individuals and as a group took a quantum leap forward. That initial group of young women very soon became a movement which spread firstly throughout Italy, then Europe, and then throughout the world. While taking its inspiration from Christian principles, this spirituality also highlights values commonly shared by other faiths and cultures. It has generated a new lifestyle which responds to the widespread need for a life of authenticity. It contributes towards peace and unity in the world: prejudices crumble, the seeds of truth and love contained in various cultures and religions are seen as reciprocal enrichment, new horizons open up in the field of politics, economics, art and culture Through living this spirituality in various social and cultural spheres, many opportunities for fruitful dialogues have opened up in the Catholic world, thus contributing to the unity among individuals, groups, movements and associations; among Christians of different denominations in order to work together for full communion; among believers of different faiths; with people of no religious conviction. Through these dialogues, the Focolare Movement works with many others towards the fullness of truth and the unity of the human family.” For more information, Please click on: Local Contact Call (703)242-2067 Mr.J.P.Sciutto

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