Lenten Recollections 2003 W/ Fr. Manoling

apr12aDefinitely, every session I attended with Fr. Manoling is an eye opener for me in understanding the Bible. The reflections, with our eyes closed, are emotional experiences for me always, provides a spiritual surge, reminds us that there are a lot of things we still need to do, changes in our lives to bring us closer to our God. I am sorry for missing the afternoon session. Thank you for the hospitality of the St Phillip Coordinators. Ampy It was an honor to have attended this special event, especially having Fr. Manoling, who gave the recollection. I’ve heard so much about Fr. Manoling, Jandy and the Bukas Palad Group as their songs gave me so much inspiration. It is seldom that we get a priest who is able to correlate the historical events in the Bible with the faith we have at present. I have learned and realized a lot of things especially interpreting the Lord’s scriptural readings. Recollections every year would be very good, especially for our spiritual nourishment. Probably it would be nice if we are able to convince our children (teen-agers and young adults) to participate as well. CEC

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