Neocatecumenal Way

“The Neocatechumenate movement was launched to assist the Church renew herself in response to Vatican II. The movement holds that in reaction to the great changes in our society – particularly secularism – the Church must gradually become more of a community and return to the example of the early Christians. They celebrate the Eucharist with unleavened bread. Their Masses last at least two hours. They gather in communities and have created a grass-roots network for evangelization. To spread the Gospels, these itinerant catechists go into houses and through the streets. Hundreds of their families have left on mission to various parts of the world, and diocesan missionary priests are trained in their seminaries. They are the offspring of the Second Vatican Council and their retort to secularism has been forceful – and successful. Their “Way” is a return to the first Christian communities. More than 50% of their members have entered the movement from outside the Church. In spite of opposition from parish priests and bishops, John Paul II, as Paul VI and John Paul I before him, supports them vigorously. We are speaking of the Neocatechumenate movement – a reality which now includes more than 13,500 communities in 4,000 parishes and 650 dioceses in more than 90 countries. Please click on their website: Local contact call 703-573-3808 Fr. Kevin Walsh

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