Our Organization’s History

In the early part of the Year 2000,The Diocese of Arlington held a townhall meeting entitled, Encuentro 2000. It brought various diverse groups of the Catholic community from the African American, Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Hispanics, European, and Vietnamese in the Northern Virginia to share their story of hope and wishes for a stronger Catholic Church Community. The Filipino Ministry of Northern Virginia was formed in the process of Encuentro 2000. Among the early pioneers were three couples Mr. Rucel and Mrs. Elvie Castro, Mr. Felipe and Mrs. Rowena Averia, and Mr. Ed and Maricor Tiong, who shared a vision for promoting and conserving the faith and cultural traditions of the Filipino people living in the Washington metropolitan area.
Their deep desire to serve the Church led them on their 1st project with a retreat led by Fr. Manoling Francisco, S.J., entitled, “Living in America.” Subsequently, with the assistance of Ms. Cecile Motus, coordinator of Asian Pacific ministry of the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Refugees from the United States Catholic Conference of Bishop brought about a leadership formation program in October 2000. Ultimately, the core group grew to include Mr. Jes and Mrs. Nori Ces of “Tahanan ng Panginoon”, Ms. Neneng Riguera and Ms. Celia Coronado of “Philippine Medical Mission of St.Charles Borromeo in Arlington, Mr. Max Gonzales of “El Shaddai”.
In that same year, Simbang Gabi 2000 begun in different parishes in the Northern Virginia area. The Filipino Ministry of Northern Virginia continues to exist as a resource ministry with lay volunteers and clergy, who are all ready and willing to help build a parish based Filipino Ministry in the hopes of promoting and preserving the faith and traditions of the Filipino people. In the process, we hope to bring the Good News of the Gospel to each individual or family through the process of inculturation and evangelization.
Chief Coordinator: Ed Tiong
Asst Chief Coordinator: Claireen Enciso
Secretary: Margot Atilano Vega
Treasurer: Sylvia “Beng” Magalong
Public Relations Officer: Rolly Saldana, Marvin Muhat
Programs and Ministries: In support of the different Apostolate, programs and activities of FILMINNOVA, permanent Ministries, referred to as WESTYF, will be established as follows:
  1. WORSHIP – Provides all liturgical and other devotional programs and activities. Committee Head: Ben Manalaysay
  2. EDUCATION – promotes programs and activities that contribute towards Catholic Christian formation of individuals and groups. Committee Head: Claireen Enciso
  3. SERVICE – promotes social action programs and outreach activities. Committee Head: Maria Christi Escoto
  4. TEMPORALITIES – provide material concerns to help finance programs and activities undertaken by FILMINNOVA. Committee Head: Rolly Saldana
  5. YOUTH – supports the organization and formation of the youth and young adults. Committee Head: Ed Tiong
  6. FAMILY LIFE – promotes the programs and activities of the family: the domestic church, the first school of evangelization. Committee Head: Seggy Acosta
FILMINNOVA Council (Council) is the Governing body of the organization.        
Objectives of the Council:
  1. To accept responsibility for the life and mission of the Council
  2. To act as an advisory voice of the parish-based Filipino Ministries, and as facilitator of dialogue regarding parish affairs.
  3. To coordinate, assist and evaluate programs and activities towards a vigorous and effective apostolate/evangelization, in the field of worship, education, service, temporalities, youth and family life, and promulgate rules to implement these WESTYF programs.
  4. To coordinate programs and activities of each Filipino Ministry-based parish.
  5. To commit and serve the diocesan Filipino Ministries by promoting Filipino religiosity and culture.
  6. To support effective leadership and networking that enriches the life and mission of the Catholic Church.


In 2004, Bishop Paul S. Loverde established the Office of Multicultural Ministries in the Diocese of Arlington as a response to the pastoral needs of the diocese and to the pastoral letter of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) entitledWelcoming the Stranger Among Us, Unity in Diversity.
The Office of Multicultural Ministries seeks to serve all ethnic communities located in the Diocese of Arlington and to serve as a resource to newcomers. We have assisted many immigrants within our diocese to join in parish and diocesan activities that are respectful to their cultures and enrich the lives of the immigrants within our Church.
Multicultural Ministries
Corinne Monogue, Director of Multicultural Ministries
200 North Glebe Road, Suite 820 Arlington, VA, 22203
Phone: 703-841-3888 Fax: 703-528-3057
Ms. Bridget Wilson, Program Assistant
Tel: (703) 841-3881