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Couples For Christ FFL

What is the Couples for Christ Foundation for Family & Life

The CFC Foundation for Family & Life is a gathering of concerned CFC brethren looking to the restoration, preservation and strengthening of the authentic Couples for Christ charism, focused on evangelization and family life renewal. Click the following links for more information:


“Lead us back to you, O Lord, that we may be restored” (Lam 5:21a)

We are at the crossroads in our life and mission as CFC. There is intense conflict and disunity, even among the top leadership. CFC has been put in disfavor with our bishops as a result of the lack of submission of top elders. The place of GK as a pillar of CFC is being eroded and we are sliding to the social apart from the spiritual.

Have we lost our way?

We indeed have been guilty of infidelities to our covenant, even as God continued to use us in the power of His Spirit in our first 25 years. But in His love for us, God brought us to Lamentations this year, as His way of opening our minds to the dangers of continuing to slip away from our call. Now there is conflict and disunity. But even this is part of God’s plan to purify us.

How do we find the right way?

“Lead us back to you, O Lord, that we may be restored: give us anew such days as we had of old.” (Lam 5:21). The key to restoration is to go back to our original charism. Going back is the way to go forward.

In 1993, we had 3 key words to describe ourselves and our mission: Global, Wholistic, Catholic.

  • CFC is an evangelistic and missionary community, serving the universal Church.
  • CFC is a family life renewal movement, with womb-to-tomb support environments.
  • CFC is an integral part of the life and mission of the Roman Catholic Church.

We are Families in the Holy Spirit renewing the face of the earth.

We will still do work with the poor, which is part of the mission of Jesus, but our work with the poor will not be our primary focus. The work for justice and for life will be given equal importance. And none of these services should be allowed to negatively impact on our basic mission of evangelization and family life renewal.

Lamentations is a time of purification, leading to greater empowerment for the work ahead. Lamentations is about restoration. It is about fully living out our covenant, and living out our call according to our original charism.

We all need to take responsibility for the life and mission of CFC. Together, in this movement for restoration, let us all discern and follow where God moves us.


Mailing Address:

Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life
USA Mid-Atlantic Region
2020 Pennsylvania Ave., NW #180
Washington DC 20006

Telephone 202-250-3609

Contact Persons:

Ado and Margi Paglinawan
MidAtlantic Regional Coodinator
Home: 703-451-3277
Mobiles: 202-355-55023 & 571-332-0362

Jim and Tess Taylor
Greater Washington DC Area Director
Home: 703-486-1205
Mobile: 571-213-0411

Danny and Angie Gortayo
Maryland East Chapter Head

Amante and Ching Bustamante
Maryland West Chapter Head

Noel and Shonnie Montoro
Virginia Chapter Head

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Tahanan Ng Panginoon (House of the Lord)

Our Mission

Tahanan, (TNP), the Filipino word for “home” or “dwelling place,” symbolizes our mission to reflect the presence of Christ in our hearts and in our homes. We also aim to strengthen marriages and families; provide an environment of support to single individuals and one another in fostering spiritual growth and Christian relationships in living out the Catholic Faith.


Our 2007 Theme

Be My Sanctuary.
Be Single in Mind and Heart.
Be Strengthened for a Time of Reaping.

God wants each and every one of us to be His dwelling place. This is only possible if we live a life of purity and holiness.
James 4:8 “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double minded.”

We are called to relate to one another in love and humility.
Phil 2:2-4 “I urge you then to make me completely happy by having the same thoughts, sharing the same love, and being one in soul and mind. Don’t do anything from selfish ambition or from cheap desire to boast but be humble toward one another, always considering others better than ourselves.”

God promises to give us His strength as he prepares us for a year of fruitfulness/ reaping.
2 Tim 2:21 “Therefore if anyone cleanses himself from the latter, he will be a vessel for honor; sanctified and useful for the master, prepared for every good work.”

Our Vision

We strive to achieve a vibrant worship life, be a strong corporate witness of Christ-centered relationships and a heart for service.

As servants of the truth and the Holy Spirit we seek to actively participate in renewing and building up the Catholic Church through spiritual and corporal works.

As a community, one of our guiding lights has been Familiaris Consortio, Pope John Paul II’s exhortation on the role of the family in the modern world.

We also strive to apply the vision of Familia, the Family Life Apostolate of Ligaya ng Panginoon(Joy of the Lord) Community with whom we are affiliated.

“It is not possible to live and grow in faith without the support of a group, of a Christian community. It is here that you will learn together to build a better world.

Pope John Paul II

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Neocatecumenal Way

“The Neocatechumenate movement was launched to assist the Church renew herself in response to Vatican II. The movement holds that in reaction to the great changes in our society – particularly secularism – the Church must gradually become more of a community and return to the example of the early Christians. They celebrate the Eucharist with unleavened bread. Their Masses last at least two hours. They gather in communities and have created a grass-roots network for evangelization. To spread the Gospels, these itinerant catechists go into houses and through the streets. Hundreds of their families have left on mission to various parts of the world, and diocesan missionary priests are trained in their seminaries. They are the offspring of the Second Vatican Council and their retort to secularism has been forceful – and successful. Their “Way” is a return to the first Christian communities. More than 50% of their members have entered the movement from outside the Church. In spite of opposition from parish priests and bishops, John Paul II, as Paul VI and John Paul I before him, supports them vigorously. We are speaking of the Neocatechumenate movement – a reality which now includes more than 13,500 communities in 4,000 parishes and 650 dioceses in more than 90 countries. Please click on their website: Local contact call 703-573-3808 Fr. Kevin Walsh

Focolare Movement

“This Movement, which promotes the ideals of unity and universal brotherhood, was born in the midst of the hatred and violence of the Second World War. In Trent, in 1943, Chiara Lubich, together with her first companions, re-discovered the Gospel. They began to put it into practice in their daily lives, focussing on the poorest areas in their city. Their life as individuals and as a group took a quantum leap forward. That initial group of young women very soon became a movement which spread firstly throughout Italy, then Europe, and then throughout the world. While taking its inspiration from Christian principles, this spirituality also highlights values commonly shared by other faiths and cultures. It has generated a new lifestyle which responds to the widespread need for a life of authenticity. It contributes towards peace and unity in the world: prejudices crumble, the seeds of truth and love contained in various cultures and religions are seen as reciprocal enrichment, new horizons open up in the field of politics, economics, art and culture Through living this spirituality in various social and cultural spheres, many opportunities for fruitful dialogues have opened up in the Catholic world, thus contributing to the unity among individuals, groups, movements and associations; among Christians of different denominations in order to work together for full communion; among believers of different faiths; with people of no religious conviction. Through these dialogues, the Focolare Movement works with many others towards the fullness of truth and the unity of the human family.” For more information, Please click on: Local Contact Call (703)242-2067 Mr.J.P.Sciutto

Families in Christ Jesus

FCJC is a Christian Community in fraternal (Allied/Federated) relationship with sister communities nationwide and around the world who are autonomous but are subject to the same By-Laws, Rules and Regulations.

The ultimate goal of FCJC is to bring families to Christ. FCJC is a Christian Community whose purposes are:

* To fulfill the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ, by promoting His Gospel, by sharing, by propagating and living out the Word of God by any and all means, and in all places;

* To establish more prayer group communities anywhere in the world as sister communities who will be in fraternal relationship (allied or federated) with one another, and who will develop loving and caring relationships as its priority;

* To provide Christian formation, teachings, programs, seminars, symposia, retreats, recollections, and make Christian community life available to all, whether married, single individuals, young adults, the youth and young children;

* To provide the means and the environment to strengthen and form families into Domestic Churches emphasizing the priesthood of the parents as found in Scripture and in the teachings of the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church;

and * To develop and strengthen the relationship and service of FCJC members to their Pastors, Parishes and Church. To make available Catholic Christian Teachings, in coordination with the Magisterium, to the Catholic members, more particularly on the stand of the Roman Catholic Church regarding issues of faith and morals.

Membership is open to all Christian couples and individuals who subscribe to these purposes, objectives, and ideals of FCJC. Although it is a Catholic Christian Community, FCJC is open to membership by non-Catholic Christians. Non-Catholic members, though remaining faithful to their Church, should respect the principles and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church on marriage, human sexuality, and the family.

National Headquarters
P.O. BOX 15465, Alexandria, VA 22309-0465
Tel. (703) 360-7415
Fax. (703) 360-7425

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El Shaddai

El Shaddai DWXI PRAYER PARTNERS FOUNDATION INT’L Virginia Contact: 703-241-5738 Sis Demy Boyo/Sis Estelita Urmeneta 703-685-0473 Sis Minnie Javier

Couples For Christ

Call: CFC is a servant and lay partner of the Catholic Church in the work of evangelization, family life renewal, and Church renewal. Founded twelve years ago in Manila, Philippines, it is now established in different parts of the world–in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and Australia. Being dedicated to the mission of family-life renewal, CFC consists of different ministries catering to all members of the family.

They include: Couples for Christ for married couples Singles for Christ for single men and women age 21 and up Youth for Christ for young adults age 13 to 20 Kids for Christ for children age 3 to 12 Handmaids of the Lord for women who are widowed or divorced or single mothers, or those called to single blessedness Servants of the Lord for men who are widowed or divorced or single fathers, or those called to a life of celibacy
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CFC Virginia

     Sonny Aguiling
Northeast Regional Head
(908) 964-3200

     Rod Bustos
Area Head, VA

     Mike delaNoche
North VA Chapter Head

     Armand Erfe
Area Leader/South VA Chapter Head

     Rico Villaroman (wife- Beth)
Family Ministries Director

     Nitz De Guzman
HOLD Chapter Head/ OIKOS Coordinator – VA

     Ben Dichoso
ANCOP Coordinator – VA
(703) 329-8357

     James & Roxanne Gustilo
SFC Coordinator – VA
(571) 201-7975

     EJ Bernabe
KFC Coordinator – VA
(703) 517-1713

     Russel Casapao
TEKTON Coordinator

     Noel De Leon (Wife – Wowie)

CFC Maryland

     Sonny Aguiling
Northeast Regional Head
(908) 964-3200

     Rod Bustos (wife- Canyl)
Area Director, MD/Social Min. Director/Area Head, VA

     Raymund Sucgang / Family Ministries Director
Area Council Member / Chapter Head

     Angel Viray (wife – Amy)
Area Council Member / Chapter Head

     Romy Vargas (wife- Rizzel)
Area Council Member/Chapter Head – Baltimore

     Norby Perrin
Chapter Head

     Ernie Pineda
Chapter Head

     Canyl Bustos
HOLD NE & ANCOP NCR Regional Director

     Cora Castaneda (Husband – Joy)
ANCOP NCR Finance & Administration
(301) 839-5964

     Norby Perrin
Area Council Member- MD

     Celia Sison
HOLD Coordinator – MD

     Cesar Rabang
KFC Coordinator – MD
(240) 715-5049

     Ernie Pineda
Prison Ministry Coordinator

     Mark Wright
Medical Mission Coordinator – MD

     Nap Curameng
STMA Coordinator

     Manny Bengson
COOPS For Christ

     Lena Cauton
Teodora Coordinator
(301) 460-7580

     Danny Gortayo
Prolife Coordinator – MD
(202) 345-5513

     Mac Reyes
Flame Ministry Coordinator
(301) 292-5137

     Joe Cuevo
Medical Mission Coordinator

     Ramon Magbanua
(301) 509-8066

     Keishawn Middleton
Full Time Worker- MD


CFC Washington DC

     Sonny Aguiling
Northeast Regional Head
(908) 964-3200

     Ernie Pineda
Area Head



Bukas Loob Sa Diyos (BLD) Community


We are a communion of families and a community of persons called together as one people through a moment o f encounter and a process of renewal to a relationship of faith, hope, and love with God. We are reconciled with the Father by our saving faith in Jesus Christ, renewing trust in the Holy Spirit, and by our uniting compassion with one another. We are blessed with personal gifts — spiritual and natural, innate or acquired — which we yield to the Word and the Spirit. We give freely and fully of ourselves, love and serve one another as we seek and proclaim God’s kingdom. We commit, as disciples of Jesus, to speak the words and do the deeds of Christ among people and among others to whom we are called by the Lord.


We are the Lord’s under-shepherds. We will be witnesses to the Word that others may hear and understand. We will be counselors with the Spirit, that others may have healing and wholeness. We will be defenders in Christ of those who suffer injustice and oppression.


The Lord calls us to be Servants of the Pilgrim Church, in her work of a renewed integral evangelization:

  • Restoring the family in Christ
  • Forming Basic Communities of faith, or Basic Ecclesial Communities
  • Strengthening of the parish
  • Breaking the yoke of poverty and oppression; and
  • Raising an army of prayer warriors for Church and national renewal

Renewed Mission

As a communion of encountered families, we are called by the Lord to build communities of disciples of Jesus Christ who, empowered by the Holy Spirit, will renew and strengthen our Christian faithful through programs of Christian Encounter (Marriage, Family, Solo/Single Parent, Singles and Youth Encounters, and Life in the Spirit Seminars) of Spiritual Growth, of Pastoral Care and of Poverty Alleviation.